Weight Loss Made Simple!

Patch It To Lose Weight! Lose Weight & Inches,Boost Energy,Curb Cravings,Stop Overeating,Reduce Body Fat, Enhance Muscle Tone, Improve Sleep, Clincally Proven

How do I wear The Patch?

Every day, peel and stick a new patch on a lean, clean area ( such as forarm, wrist, shoulder or collar bone) free of body lotion or body oil.  leave it on for 24hrs.  replace it with a new patch in a different area until you achieve the results you desire.  Continue use as needed to maintain your results.

Follow these tips for best results

Don't skip meals.  Skipping meals keeps you in a fat storing mode. Start each day with breakfast.  eat smaller portions more often during the day. Include protein at every meal.

Drink LOTS of Water.   It is vital to the sucess of any weight loss program.

Stay off the scales.  The lean muscle you retain weighs more than the fat you are losing. Measure results by how your clothes fit in inches lost.

Commit to wearing the Patch for at least 90-120 days. this commitment will ensure the lifestyle changes needed for lasting sucess.  The Patch is the most effective product on the market for decreased feelings of hunger, deprivation and anxiety associated with dieting.  Let the Patch help you develop a healthier, happier lifestyle.

How soon will I see results?

Many people see results within four to six weeks, while others take longer for their metabolism to rebalance and reactivate. Pay more attention to inches lost than pounds.

 Research indicates the Patch is effective, safe and healthy. The major ingredients are: Forslean, derived from the plant coleus forskolii. Supports thyroid function and helps the body release fat stores (more at www.forslean.com), Guarana extract delivers 1.2 mg. of caffeine/hr which isn't much. (A cup of strong coffee contains over 100 mg,) ChromeMate., chromium polynicotinate helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, reduces food cravings, and preserves lean muscle.

The fat loss patch supports your body in making the internal changes necessary to release fat. This usually doesn't happen quickly, in fact, it can take months. But without making the internal cellular changes, long-term weight loss can't happen. The patch is helpful if you have certain health or lifestyle conditions that make it difficult to lose weight, such as hormonal imbalances, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Choose the Power Patch if you have more than 50 pounds to lose or a very slow metabolism.

You can purchase from www.dannipatches.com